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Finding a Great Carpenter

Tips for Finding a Great Carpenter

When it comes to construction, one of the most indispensable roles on-site is held by the carpenter. As one of the oldest trades in human history, the art of carpentry has become one that is both well respected and hugely important in nearly all construction projects. Whether they’re setting foundations in a new-build or repairing beams throughout a property, a quality carpenter is worth their weight in gold.

Yet, although a carpenter’s work can be essential to a construction job, this doesn’t mean that all carpenters are created equal. We’ve all heard the horror stories of cowboy builders charging over the odds for subpar, or worse, unfinished work and may be feeling a little sceptical about finding a quality tradesman. Luckily, for every shady tradie, there are countless other carpenters who take real pride in their work and can offer their customers an excellent finished product.

Therefore, the question is how do we find those who are up to the job? Fortunately, with a bit of research and forward planning, you can ensure that you get only the best for your money. With this in mind, here’s a brief guide on finding a great carpenter for your next construction job.


Knowing who you need

Before making any calls for quotes or estimates, it’s important to ascertain who you may need to help with your next job. When it comes to the carpentry industry, there are three main schools which determine the type of woodwork they carry out. For example, rough carpenters, also known as framing carpenters, specialise in the construction of the basic framework of a building. They ensure that the structural framing of a home or building is consistently level and plumb.

Finish carpenters come in to finish the job started by rough carpenters, completing jobs such as the installation of roofing, decking and window frames. Finally, you have cabinet makers, the specialists who focus on the creation of wooden furniture, from cabinets and beds to shelving; they will also likely focus on the more intricate woodworking projects around your home. Knowing the differences between the types of carpentry can help you save on time and establish who you need for your next job.


Ask around

When it comes to finding a good carpenter, a glowing review can go a long way in helping you make your decision. A skilled carpenter will be proud of their previous work and will likely have a host of previous customers happy with the final product. If you know someone who has utilised a carpenter’s work, it can be useful to bend their ear and see what their experience was like.. Although a recommendation isn’t the be all and end all, when picking a carpenter, it can really help.

Aside from talking to people you know, there are loads of websites that allow customers to review tradesmen’s work. Sites such as Yell and Trusted Traders can offer prospective customers a real insight into the quality of a tradesman, so take time to have a look.


Are they accredited?

Carpentry is a tradition, and those who are properly trained are proud to be a part of it. The art of carpentry requires a laundry list of skills, equipment and training in order to carry out some of the more complex woodworking jobs, so it’s essential you work with the best.

Because of the specialist nature of carpentry, there are a host of courses and apprenticeships that a professional carpenter should have completed in order to both adeptly carry out the job at hand and to highlight their accreditation to prospective customers.

As a standard, your chosen carpenter should have an NVQ or SVQ qualification between levels 1 – 3 or should have ample work experience within their chosen industry. There are also a multitude of governing bodies that require their members to uphold a high level of quality and professionalism.

Organisations such as the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) and The Institute of Carpenters (IOC) are just some of the prestigious institutions that a carpenter or joiner can be a member of, so check them out.


Ask for references

As we’ve already mentioned, a quality carpenter will be proud of the work they have previously completed and should be more than happy to offer references regarding jobs they’ve worked on beforehand. Getting in touch with previous customers will help to ascertain how well the work was carried out and if the carpenter was professional.

If your chosen carpenter is reticent in showing any referencing for previous work, this is a sign that they’re trying to hide their subpar work so proceed with caution.


Gather quotes from joiners near you

One of the best tactics you have at your disposal when finding a quality carpenter is to collect at least 3 different quotes in your local area. A quote, unlike an estimate, is a promised figure of all work and materials needed for the job at hand.

Having multiple quotes helps in a variety of ways, for starters it gives you an average price range for your local area. It also allows you to weed out overly expensive quotes or those that seem suspiciously low for the job at hand.

Also, with the help of the internet, it’s now easier than ever to collect a variety of quotes in your area. There are a host of comparison websites designed for this very reason and company sites will likely have a contact page for you to quickly and easily get in touch if you have any queries.


What services can they offer?

Although it can sometimes be useful to enlist a specialist to help with a job, sometimes, it takes a carpenter who can handle a range of jobs in order to complete the task. With this in mind, a carpenter or joiner that can offer their clients a range of services not only makes your job of sourcing contractors easier, but it also highlights their skills within the industry.

Some joiners will be able to offer an extensive array of services from window and door installation to conservatory design and building.


Are they personable?

Of course, one of the main things to keep in mind is that, if this person is going to be working on your property for elongated amounts of time, you need to feel comfortable being around them.

A quick meeting can usually clear this up and most tradies are amicable and ready to answer any questions you may have. However, if you feel as though you don’t quite click with them, you need to consider if you would be happy with them working on your project.


From wooden window frames to conservatory installation – M&S Joinery has you covered

A great carpenter can do wonders for your home, whether it’s helping in laying the foundations or adding the final, stunning touches to your property. Therefore, it’s essential that you work with the best to ensure top quality work.

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