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The Many Talents of Your Local Woodworking Expert

When it comes to home improvements, wood is becoming an increasingly popular material to use for furnishings. As well as being sturdy and durable, wood also possesses a beauty that is arguably unparalleled. Each piece of wood has a unique grain pattern, meaning no two planks are ever the same. With this in mind, every item of furniture constructed using wood is entirely original and has its own distinctive character.

Woodworkers are skilled craftsmen that have the knowledge and expertise to construct and install wooden furnishings wherever needed. Although woodworkers are likely adept at crafting things by hand, they mainly rely on technical pieces of machinery and equipment that require a high level of skill to operate.

One of the great things about doing business with a local joinery is that your furnishings will be custom made to suit your design preferences. Mass-produced furniture detracts from a home’s individuality and as a result, many properties can wind up looking like carbon copies of each other. However, when you communicate your ideas to a local joiner, you’ll end up with furnishings that meet your exact design specifications.

Although a woodworker’s talent is indeed in the name, the varied capabilities of a skilled carpenter are astounding. Below, we explore the many ways in which a local joiner can improve and innovate your commercial or domestic property.


From wooden front doors to internal bi-fold doors: Entrances in your property

As the barriers that protect our homes against intrusion and adverse weather conditions, it’s imperative for our front doors to be strong, long-lasting and resilient. However, whilst this is our primary concern, we also want an entrance-way that’s aesthetically appealing. As one of the focal points of a property’s exterior, it’s important for a front door to set the tone for the interior of a home whilst blending in with the outside. Further to this, our front doors are the one of the first things visitors see upon approaching our homes, so it’s important to make a strong impression from the get-go.

Upon getting to grips with your design specification, a woodworker will be able to turn your vision into a reality. Perhaps you’d like a door with a symmetrical composition reminiscent of Georgian architecture, or maybe you’d like a more modern entrance that’s simple yet stylish. Either way, a woodworker will clearly ascertain your requirements before getting to work on creating your brand new front door.

If you’re lacking in inspiration, a carpenter can also advise on which styles and design features may suit your property, ensuring you end up with a front door that fits in perfectly.

Wood is commonly used to construct front doors due to its sturdy nature and classic elegance. Joiners also pre-treat wood with a stain or primer which not only makes it resistant to damage, but also gives it a sleek finish.

An experienced joiner can also craft internal doors in a wide variety of styles to suit any home. From modern bi-folds to classic French doors, your home can truly reflect your own personal style with an accomplished woodworker on the case.

Although a joiner’s primary area of expertise is wood, they work with a wide variety of different materials including glass, metal and brick. With this in mind, you can customise your design as you see fit. For example, a front door with glass panels is an extremely popular trend and it can also help introduce more sunlight into your home. Woodworkers utilise a combination of materials to create doors that are not only durable, but also elegant and stylish.


Sash, bay and casement windows

When it comes to permanent structures such as doors and windows, we really shouldn’t compromise on quality. While it can be tempting to simply purchase a fun set of curtains or some ornaments to detract from a decaying window frame, this is not advisable. The reality is that fittings are here to stay, so we should have windows that are functional and properly constructed.

Windows are designed to inject light and bring fresh air into a particular space and as a result, they are often seen as focal points in a room. Whilst we want our windows to do their designated job, we also want the frames to be aesthetically appealing. Windows made using low-grade materials are more vulnerable to damage and as a result, have a shorter lifespan. However, joiners construct frames using pre-treated high-quality wood to ensure your windows are as stunning as the views they’re framing.

Design preferences differ from person to person, and every property has its own unique style. Luckily, joiners have the appropriate tools and expertise to construct windows that complement any and every household. If you’re striving to make a particular room more spacious, a bay window will protrude outwards to introduce more light and extra space. Alternatively, casement windows are attached to their frames using one or more hinges and offer great ventilation. Sash windows, often found in Georgian houses, consist of two panels (or sashes) that can be slid up or down to let air in.

At M&S Joinery, our experts can create all the above window styles as well as storm-proof, bow and Georgian windows. From hard and softwoods to European oak and natural grain woods, we work with a wide variety of materials to ensure our customers are 100% happy with the end product. To find out more about what we do, click here to visit our website.


Timeless wooden conservatories

A conservatory is a highly sought after house extension that allows us to enjoy our gardens from the comfort of our own homes. Whilst many of us may be used to seeing the standard white PVC conservatories that sometimes lack life and character, there are more design options available. When you have a solid wooden frame constructed by an accomplished carpenter, you can be sure that the structure will be sturdy as well as stylish. Wooden beams will contribute to a property’s rustic yet homely aesthetic, and with so many different shades and finishes available, a wooden conservatory can be customised to blend in seamlessly with your property.

A wooden conservatory can be accessorised to look ultra-modern or classically traditional depending on your preferences. And, in the event that you’re looking to sell up in the future, a conservatory constructed from high-quality wood can even increase the value of your property whereas a PVC structure could have the opposite effect.

These substantial structures must be sturdy and weather resistant as well as warm and aesthetically pleasing, so it’s crucial to leave the project in the hands of professionals. A local woodworking expert can build and install a wooden conservatory that is truly unique and will stand the test of time.


M&S Joinery: a team of woodworkers and carpenters in Willenhall with a knack for home improvements

At M&S Joinery, our woodworking experts will work tirelessly to create and install wooden furnishings to suit your home. We can make amendments to transform both the interior and exterior of your property, and our structures are designed with longevity in mind.

As well as making your property a sight to behold, our conservatories, windows and doors are all fit for purpose. Using double glazing, we ensure your property stays warm whatever the weather and we only use the best materials to guarantee security and durability.

If your property is in need of a revamp, contact us today. Although based in Willenhall, we serve other locations across the West Midlands including Wolverhampton and Walsall, and we offer free enquiries.