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The Benefits Of Timber Windows

Why Select Timber Windows?

Upgrading or replacing your current windows is always a good investment. You’re considering the benefits of timber windows and the pros and cons of timber frames compared to uPVC because you want to ensure you’re getting the best products for your home.

Before reading on why our reasons why to choose wooden windows, remember that M & S Joinery, Willenhall is a local company that exels in producing wooden doors and windows for homes and businesses just like yours across the West Midlands and Black Country. Feel free get in touch for expert, impartial advice about the best options for your wooden windows upgrade.


What Are The Benefits of Wooden Windows?

There’s no denying that when it comes to timber windows versus uPVC, the latter are often cheaper in terms of the initial outlay but also cheaper in look and feel. But this alone should not be the only factor when considering upgrading your windows. For one thing, timber windows are by far a superior product for many reasons. These are…  


 1 – Great looks

Nothing beats the appeal of newly installed M & S Joinery windows have on a home. Timber windows have a classic authenticity that uPVC can’t compete with.

 2 – Whole life cycle costs

uPVC windows have a life expectancy of around 20 years on average, after which they are unrepairable and end up in the landfill (terrible for the envrionment). Our windows have a life expectancy of atleast twice that and can be repaired and repainted, looking good for longer and kinder on the envrionment too.



Adds Value to Your Property

The benefit of installing professional wooden windows like ours is the recognisable added value and desirability of your home. Your house could see an increased price after investing in new windows since potential buyers will look at tired or unsightly windows as future cost.



Energy Efficient

Wooden windows from M & S Joinery can be single, double or triple glazed – Combined with the naturally insulating properties of wood to give thermal performance at energy effienct levels. All of which can help to insulate your home, preventing heat-loss and saving you money on ever increasing energy bills. 



Lower Maintenance

Reliable and stable timber sources, coupled with high-precision, highly skilled craftsmanship has seen a recent revival in timber windows. M & S Joinery timber windows offer superb performance in the long term with durability, stability and minimal maintenance once installed. Meaning that traditional upkeep, rotting, warping and draughts are now a thing of the past. 



Environmentally Sound

In a world where we’re becoming increasingly aware of the welfare of our planet, choosing a sustainable product like timber is a responsible decision. Not only is timber a renewable resource, but one tree will absorb around one tonne of carbon dioxide in its life and generate enough oxygen to support two people. 

Here at M & S Joinery, we only use the highest quality, responsibly sourced timber to make our windows and doors. 



Ideal Choice For Period Properties

Replacing windows in a period property or listed building with uPVC windows not only goes against the character of your historic dwelling, but it’s also likely to be in violation of planning permission. M & S Joinery is able to guide you in making the right choices for your home.