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The Beauty of a Wooden Conservatory

If you are planning on renovating your home and you’ve decided to go with a new conservatory, you may be interested in hearing about the many benefits of choosing a wooden conservatory over other options on the market.

Wooden conservatories are natural structures which add another enchanting dimension to your home. Wood is a distinctive material which is full of character and individuality, you won’t find these qualities in any other types of conservatories made from synthetic compounds like uPVC.


Eco Friendly

Stylish hardwood, oakwood and European oak conservatories are far more environmentally friendly in comparison to other materials. Timber is one of the most ecologically friendly compounds used to build conservatories, windows and doors, that’s why we choose to specialise in this type of product.

Our team of experts don’t just focus on installing first-class hardwood conservatories, we also offer our customers a chance to order incredibly stylish wooden windows and other kinds of timber-based eco-friendly products.

Choosing one of our many natural grain conservatories or renovating your home with wooden bay windows ensures you are taking steps towards reducing your carbon footprint.


Excellent Insulating Properties

You may remember from way back in your school days that wood is a poor conductor of heat, which makes it great for insulating your conservatory and other parts of your home.

During the winter months, your conservatory can get cold, making it uncomfortable to sit in. But, choosing a wooden conservatory means heat won’t escape so easily.

If you are a homeowner intent on improving insulation, we’ve got a wide variety of wood-based products to choose from, our team specialise in fitting high-end European oak, softwood conservatories and much more.

In addition, we supply top of the range internal & external doors and high-quality casement windows.


Aesthetically Pleasing

There is no denying that a wooden conservatory once finished is a sight to behold, with the advancements in wood engineering and treatment, our designers can now create any type of shape or size using timber.

Structures like hardwood conservatories can be installed in almost any property, they immediately enhance their surroundings adding value to your home while impacting greatly upon visual appeal.

Our team of professionals at M&S Joinery have years of experience designing and installing both modern and traditional wooden conservatories. So, if you’d like to improve your homes energy efficiency, contact our team today for more details on our diverse range of products.



Once properly maintained, wood can last for several years without needing any type of repair or renovations. It is a durable material which stands up well to all kinds of harsh weather conditions, including snow, sleet, heavy rain, and scorching sunlight.

Our bespoke wooden conservatories are built to last, we only use high-quality material during construction to ensure our clients get the best conservatories, built by expert craftsmen.

To find out more about our extensive range of wooden conservatories, windows, doors, and other woodwork services, make an enquiry on 01902 636 051.