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How a Skilled Joiner Can Update Your Home

Upgrading your home is an exciting time. It can, however, be a costly venture so hiring skilled and experienced tradespeople to carry out any work on your home is essential. From woodwork to landscaping, there are a huge range of experts available who can make sure your home renovation looks just as you imagined it. Whether you simply need some snagging work done or you’re investing in a full-scale house renovation, at some stage of the process you’ll no doubt work with a skilled joiner.

Often interchangeable with carpenters, joiners can perform a huge variety of services to make sure the timber in your home is looking beautiful and functioning perfectly. If you’re wondering what an experienced joiner can do for you, then look no further. Our expert joiners and carpenters at M & S Joinery carry out professional timber craftsmanship every single day, updating homes across the Black Country so that they have amazing kerb appeal and are more energy efficient and durable.

The difference between carpentry and joinery

So, what really is the difference between a carpenter and a joiner? Well, both are expert craftsmen and in reality, their roles are often interchangeable. However, one key difference is that carpenters are trained to fit things on site, whilst a joiner will carry out most of their work offsite, crafting timber items to be installed later. Let’s take a look at what both can do in your home:


As we said, your carpenter will fix things on site. They’ll install things like fitted furniture and shelving, carry out any remedial work to timber fittings, can install flooring and partition walls, whilst specialists may also work on roof timbers. Traditionalists would also say that a carpenter is more likely to work with metal fittings like screws and nails to construct timber structures, rather than using wooden joints.


Meanwhile, a joiner creates things by joining pieces of wood together simply using cleverly crafted wood fittings. Also, as a rule, a joiner will generally do lighter, more ornamental work, such as bespoke staircases or fitted furniture. Specialists will also construct your bespoke timber windows or wooden conservatory, ready to be installed on site later on.

Overall, most joiners and carpenters tend to be trained in both skills before they specialise in a specific craft, such as window, door and conservatory manufacture and installation. At M & S Joinery, our skilled and experienced expert joiners specialise in just this and in the next section, we detail exactly what timber specialists like us can do to upgrade your home with beautiful new windows, doors or conservatories.

Windows, doors and conservatory joiners

Timber has been used in homes and buildings since the early days of construction. In fact, the earliest evidence of this dates back over 10,000 years in the form of European Neolithic longhouses. Since then, the application of wood in construction has developed dramatically but it’s appearance, versatility, durability and insulative qualities has allowed it to remain a staple building material all over the world.

The crafting and fitting of timber framed windows, doors and conservatories are prominent examples of this and also a key specialism for experienced joiners. After the introduction of UPVC windows and doors in the 1970s, you’ll often find that many modern homes feature these plastic alternatives. However, there has been a recent renaissance in the manufacture and installation of timber framed windows, doors and conservatories, rooted in our traditional adoration for the qualities described above. Wood frames are also much more eco-friendly than their metal and plastic counterparts.

This means that the expert services of a joiner are increasingly required by people who are looking to renovate their homes. Here’s what an experienced joiner who specialises in windows, doors and conservatories can do for you.


Whether you live in a traditional or contemporary home, having windows that suit the building should be a top priority when renovating. With such a rich history, many of the homes in the UK are period properties and don’t have standardised dimensions; replacing period windows requires expert hands and bespoke design.

This is where a skilled joiner comes in. Their precision in measuring up the current window space and then either restoring or replacing old timber frames for new, treated wood means that you can expect nothing less than perfection for your replacement windows. You may want to replace your windows if:


●    The sealing or joinery is not performing well and allowing leaks and draughts to enter your home. This will make heating your home much more expensive, so replacing the windows is a worthwhile investment.

●    The original wood frames have started to warp, rot, stick, chip or generally become corroded.

●    You have single glazing. Original windows tend to have single glazing; double glazing was only introduced in Britain in the 1970s. Single glazing is not only a security issue but also leads to excess energy loss, again unnecessarily bumping up your energy bills.


When you hire a joiner to replace or restore your period windows, they will be able to expertly identify these problems and solve them. When they do so, they will not only replace or restore your windows considerately but will also ensure that your home is as energy efficient as possible using double or even triple glazed glass.

Equally, if you’re fed up of the clunky look of your plastic UPVC windows and want to install time-tested timber frames, a joiner can update your home’s windows and achieve this classic look. Either way, tell your joiner exactly what style you’d like and they’ll apply their expert knowledge and craftsmanship to make sure your windows the fresh new look they need.


Replacing the doors in or outside of your home is a similar process. Perhaps you want to modernise the entire look of your home, or you just want to make sure your house is working to modern energy efficiency standards; either way, work with your joiner and find out what door replacement services they offer. Most joiners will be able to update both internal and external doors and will always ensure that they are aesthetically pleasing and performing as they should.

Your front exterior door is a very important aspect of your home; it contributes to the kerb appeal and is the first thing passers-by see. Also, more often than not, your front door is situated at street level, so must offer the highest performance possible by way of security. Your joiner can work with you to design a bespoke wooden front door that echoes the character of your home, whilst ensuring it’s totally safe and secure too.

Although your internal doors don’t need to be as secure, they still need to function well. Internal doors face a lot of opening, closing, slamming and shoving in their lifetime, so your joiner will work to make sure that they can withstand the trials and tribulations of family life.

If you want to add a feeling of space to your home but you don’t have the land available for an extension or conservatory; an expert joiner can help you to achieve this using modern door styles. Timber bi-fold doors are a dramatic addition to any home and particularly popular at the moment. They are a perfect fusion of traditional and contemporary and allow natural light to flood in, without having to install an entire conservatory. Discuss with your joiner what options for larger, patio doors they are able to create to bring new life to your home without breaking the bank.

Conservatories & orangeries

If you are looking for a larger-scale home renovation, then installing a stunning timber framed conservatory or orangery could make for the perfect new addition to your home. Originally, conservatories were always timber framed and, although over time many aluminium and UPVC conservatories have been erected, timber frames are still extremely popular; mainly due to their aesthetic appeal. The range of natural colours and patterns available for timber conservatories creates a more traditional looking result. Equally, you can easily paint, stain or varnish timber, which essentially means that it’s the most versatile option for a conservatory or orangery.

Timber framed conservatories not only create a more luxurious finish for both traditional and contemporary homes, but they are also made from sustainably sourced materials and offer a much longer lifespan than the alternatives. The joiner who constructs your conservatory should advise you on how to make sure you get the most of your new investment so that it stands the test of time and eventually increases the value of your property. For example, they may suggest that you opt for double or triple glazed windows and treat the wood with weatherproofing.

Once your joiner has crafted and installed your beautiful new conservatory, what you do with the additional space is down to you. You could convert it into a dining room, kitchen extension, second living room, playroom… the list is endless!


Finding the right joiners near me for window, door and conservatory installation

If you’re based in the Black Country and you’re looking to renovate your windows and doors or install a classic timber framed conservatory using quality woodworking techniques – trust M & S Joinery. With over 30 years of experience, we can make your home renovation dreams come to life. We offer a huge range of styles, from traditional Georgian sash windows to contemporary bi-folding doors, and can expertly work on any project regardless of size or scale.

Whether you simply want a stunning new front door, to replace all of your internal doors for contemporary alternatives or install a large orangery, no job is too big (or small) for M & S Joinery. Our expert joiners complete any job to the highest standards, making sure your house feels like a home. Get in touch today and enhance your home with beautiful, traditional timber.