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Choosing The Perfect Timber Doors For Your Own Home

A key element to your home, your front door gives anybody a warm welcome whilst also offering a high level of style. But quality craftsmanship and design, and a door that’s built to last are all key factors in making the right choice in choosing the perfect timber door.


Helping you make the right decision

It goes without saying, your front door should be able to keep you safe while also serving a highly functional purpose. Those qualities should apply to other doors around your home as well, but for all its practicalities, your front door has the ability to add a ‘wow factor’ and also an inviting first impression.

But knowing what your options are, possibilities, and limits of your choice means you should be able to choose the perfect timber door for your dwelling. And the information we’ve providing here will be essential in helping you make an informed decision to get the style and grade that’s right for your home.


Timber door materials

M & S Joinery, Willenhall is all about the craftsmanship of timber in every door, window or conservatory that we create for our customers. But our experience in working with different types of timber tells us which material is better for certain products, as well as their pro’s and cons. Discussing what is the right timber for your doors is all part of our service.

While we can work with all types of timber for both internal and external doors, we would normally advise customers on their external door choice for weather-facing aspects, especially being in the West Midlands! We’re only a phone call or a message away to discuss what the best types of timber are for your home.

And don’t forget to give some thought to the rear of your home too. We specialise in bespoke, handcrafted double doors, and bi-fold doors.