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5 x Reasons a Conservatory is Better than an Extension

When it comes to making more space in your home, there are a number of options, and one debate that many homeowners have is whether to opt for an extension or a conservatory. If you need more ground floor space, then conservatories can be a great way to add more living room to your property, but you may be wondering whether an extension would be more appropriate. Here are some reasons a conservatory might work better with your home, and why it’s often a better choice.


1.       It’s often less expensive

Extensions can be a costly undertaking. They require the services of an architect, planning permission and can often go over budget for many reasons. Hardwood conservatories are often a more affordable option, while still being made to the highest quality, and you can get a comprehensive quote, so you aren’t hit by any unpleasant surprises down the line. Conservatories are often less expensive than you think, and often work out as excellent value for money.


2.       A conservatory can be a shorter project

While different projects take varying lengths of time, conservatories are generally quicker to assemble than an extension. Softwood conservatories can often be built in just a few weeks, with much of the work done off-site for minimal disruption. By contrast, a small extension can take as much as 3 months, and if you go for something larger, then you could spend half a year with builders in the house.


3.       Conservatories are very versatile

Conservatories can be used for a wide variety of purposes, so you’re not just building a second living room. Some common uses for conservatories include:

·        Playrooms

·        Dining rooms

·        Extending a kitchen

·        Family rooms or man caves

·        Garden rooms

·        Storage

While extensions are often built for a single purpose, for example, to add annexe accommodation, European oak conservatories are extremely versatile, with plenty of space that you can use as you like and change as your family grows.


4.       Blending in with the garden

Adding an extension or conservatory means that you have to lose part of your garden in the deal, so it’s important that the new structure fits in with your outdoor space. Most extensions are simply standard brick structures, so they can make your garden feel a lot smaller. Adding natural grain conservatories means that you’re building a structure that’s half glass, so it’s not such a blight on your garden.


5.       You can bring the outdoors in

One advantage of conservatories is that they don’t feel as enclosed as a standard room. With big windows, they feel very spacious, so whether you’re dining or reading a book, you can enjoy the great outdoors in all weathers.

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